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No Risk or Inventory

You can Sell & Buy your own custom apparel without having to buy in bulk and getting stuck with sizes that you don't need and you don't have to  worry about handling inventory.

Easy, Fast & Fun

Pick your products, create your own designs and then watch your

creations come to life!

Raise Funds & Spirits

Your potential is limitless!​ 

Custom apparel boosts spirits, inspires a sense of community & brings supporters together. We can make any custom shirt you could ever think of!

Proven Success

Tens of thousands of individuals use fundraising every day. Join churches, schools, small businesses, charities & more! We would love to be able to contribute to our community and help small businesses grow!

Raise Awareness

Supporters can spread information about their businesses like walking, and talking billboards.

Use Fundraising for Many Purposes

Animal Rescue, Arts, Music, Film, Business, Community, Neighborhoods, Gift, Financial Aid, Hobbies, Medical Awareness, Research, Military, Personal Profit, Religion, Schools, Education. Social Activism, Sports League, Teams, Political