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The Number 1 Rated Business Opportunity in 2022

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Everyone of all ages wears Tee Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies and Ball Caps. We have a system that allows someone to take a picture with their cell phone, upload it, pick their garment and color, we print and ship it to them. Think of the possibilities for people turning their memories into our Reality Tee Series. We use the best DTG (Direct To Garment) printing process. Its soft, wears a long time and is photo quality. The Best part is that we provide you a complete simple to operate business where you can immediately make sales online, through Social Media, through a store or in person. This is what you get:

  • A Private Branded Website just like Real HoTTees with a fully functioning shopping cart. (Our Branding is not seen at all)

  • We do all the programming, hosting and maintenance on the site. You don't have to do any tech stuff.

  • The site is already loaded with designs and we add new designs all the time. You can use our designs or use your own designs.

  • You collect 100% of your money, we give you a wholesale cost to print and drop ship the item to your customer. (Great Profit Margins) No Inventory to keep.

  • Customers can order one or more items at the same low price. (No Bulk Order Needed)

  • You get an order and payment, you send to us, we print the shirt, then drop ship under your name to your customer. Your customer does not know we exist!

  • We provide you ongoing support and sales training. Everything is turnkey. You do not have to buy special equipment, carry inventory or spend valuable time on a complicated learning curve.

  • We can have you set up and live ready to make money in 24 hours with website, shopping cart, marketing help, business phone number and email.

  • You set your own hours, work full or part time, and only need a computer to access the internet to process your orders. Can work from home or take your business mobile.

  • We provide you with Social Media Management and Marketing Software to use to build your business in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google.

  • You must use our system, sites, print and fulfillment 100% to be eligible for this opportunity. Any circumvention will result in termination and shut down of all our sites and systems with total forfeiture of any funds paid to us. We want honest partners to work with.

  • Your wholesale cost per garment which includes the drop shipping to your customer is: $12 Tee Shirts, $14 Tank Tops, $30 Hoodies. (Cost is for single side printing) Mark up to what ever price point you want. (Example: Sell Your Tees at $25 - Your wholesale of $12 shipped, and you made $13 net profit)

We have a Plan for your complete business package. No hidden fees or additional costs. 

  • PLAN - $300 down and $60 per month due every 30 days X 11 payments then it starts over with same monthly terms.

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